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EMT Trauma Shears Medical Bandage Scissors 7.5” Black
MSRP: $16.99
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Product Features
• Princess Care Solo SS First Aid EMT EMS Trauma Shears Medical Bandage Utility Scissors 7.5” – black. Strong enough to cut through a penny…
• Surgical Precision 420 Stainless Steel Professional Mark First Aid Tools - Autoclavable
• Size 7.5", Drop Forged, Highly Tempered, Hand Crafted, Serrated non-slip edge with blunt tip, Extra Large Off-Set Handle
• Eco-Friendly Retail Packaging EVA Pouch - Biodegradable
• Princess Care is a registered trade mark. All rights reserved
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This is a Princess Care EMT EMS Paramedic Nurses Medical Bandage Utility Scissors made from High Tempered hardened Surgical Precision 420 stainless steel with large black handle and mirror polish finish. Master-crafted and finished for durable performance. Easily cuts through clothing. Serrated non-slip cutting edge and enlarged handles for a comfortable, functional grip. Special serrated edge that don't need sharpening assists in cutting through even the toughest materials - while the blunt tip protects against skin abrasions. Strong enough to cut through a penny . . . Lifetime long lasting blades and hand honed precision tips marked for professional use in the Health and Beauty Industry, personal care health - arts and crafts.


We use 420 Japanese Stainless Steel for this instrument (Japanese being one of the finest stainless steel in the world); Surgical grade Autoclavable instruments. Highly Tempered, Drop Forged, Hand Crafted.


Retail packaging Biodegradable EVA Pouch with HDPE Snap Button - less toxic and recyclable


Princess Care instruments come with Limited Lifetime Manufactures Warranty.


“Nature’s Beauty . . . is your beauty.”


Intended Use:

First Aid Trauma Shears Utility Scissors used to cut through the toughest materials including, jeans, bandages and even strong enough to cut through a penny. Essential tool for the paramedic, nurse, doctor, firefighter. Also great in the home and office, kitchen, arts and crafts, tailoring and fabrics, garden, outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting or there for any travel emergency in the car, truck or RV.

Safety Warning
Keep out of reach of Children


Item Specs

  • Brand: Princess Care
  • Type: First Aid – First Aid Utility Scissors
  • Item: First Aid EMT EMS Trauma Shears Medical Bandage Scissors
  • Steel Type: 420 Japanese Stainless Steel
  • Steel Origin: Japan
  • Grade: 420 Surgical Grade
  • Autoclavable: Yes
  • Type/Method: Hand Crafted
  • Production: Drop Forged
  • Temperance: Highly Tempered
  • Size: 7.5”
  • Color: Black
  • Handle: Extra Large Off-Set
  • Tip: Blunt Round Tip
  • Usage: Cuts through toughest material including jeans, bandages, even a penny.
  • Finish: High Mirror Finish
  • Model/SKU: Solo-214-02
  • UPC: 855765003663
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty


Packaging Specs

  • Case: Retail Case
  • Type: EVA Retail Pouch
  • Closure: Snap Button
  • Package Material: Biodegradable EVA
  • Button Material: Recyclable HDPE
  • Eco-Friendly: Biodegradable and Recyclable
  • Package Size: 4.0" W x 8.0" H x 0.4" D
  • Net Weight: 1.9 oz
  • Gross Weight: 2.5 oz
How To Use Tips
Care Instructions

Use Soap and warm water to clean, wash, sanitize and then dry before and after each and every use. Ensure instruments are properly cleaned, sterilized, lubricated and dry before storing. Store in a dry, safe place to avoid moisture build up and damage, do not stack or pile instruments. For best results use distilled water to avoid possible staining from mineral residue. Do not use a harsh cleaner or scrub in case of scarring or pitting the surface finish and protective rust-resistance oxidizing layer. For lubrication use princess care surgical instrument "milk" or other quality instrument oil, never use WD-40 or other industrial lubricants. see more...

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